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FAQs: Questions & Answers about Dry Ice

What is Dry Ice Made of?

It is frozen Carbon Dioxide. It's the same element as what is in the air we exhale. It is also what is added to sodas to create the bubbles.

Why is Dry Ice So Cold?

It has a very cold temperature, -109.3F, and -78.5C. It's great to use with objects or food that needs to be shipped, or stored for a longer amount of time, without refrigeration.

What Is Dry Ice Used For?

Medical supplies are shipped on dry ice, restaurants use dry ice to keep items frozen for longer, and trucking companies use dry ice to keep things cold in shipping. Dry ice can be used in science fairs or experiments, and for special effects.

Why Is It Called Dry Ice?

As the dry ice warms up, it never goes through the typical melting process. It goes from a frozen form to a gas form, and returns to the atmosphere. It doesn't leave a wet puddle of water like regular ice does. The process is called "sublimation".

*Proper ventilation is required when you have dry ice storage! Please read our tips on dry ice storage to ensure your safety!

How Do You Handle Dry Ice?

You will need to use insulated gloves, as it is very cold. Proper ventilation is also required when you have dry ice in storage.

If My Freezer Breaks, Can I Use Dry Ice As a Temporary Solution To Save My Food Storage?

Yes, you can. During the summer, if your freezer breaks and you need to save your frozen goods, you can purchase dry ice to keep it cold longer, so that you don't have to buy all new supplies. We have saved many grocery and restaurants food supplies by working with them on an emergency basis, and delivering dry ice to their food storage area.

Is it Better to Use Dry Ice in Shipping, Instead of Wet Ice?

YES! Dry ice gives up to three times the cooling energy (per pound) than wet ice can provide. When wet ice is used along with dry ice, it will last much longer. Dry ice makes the wet ice even colder! This will save on shipping weight.

What is the Rate of Sublimation?

It will sublimate at 10% (or 5-10 pounds) every 24 hours, under normal conditions. Remember to store it in a well-ventilated area and keep it in an insulated container.

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